Weekly Dump: Project Arcana Phase I Update

Ok, so a quick update on Project Arcana Phase I (this week’s focus for me is the 2050 Cybernetics rules, but I need to get this out there).

Dad is crunching hard on finalizing the spell lists. We are nearly done with that, hopefully by the end of the week. Here’s what Phase I will include:

  • Descriptions of the schools and their forms
  • Complete reorganized spell lists of the vanilla spells
  • The suggested spells (from the articles) formatted in spell block fashion
  • The OGL license letting anyone have-at with it

Once all that sweet sweet content is put together, edited, and finalized, we’ll package it into a PDF. That PDF will be available, free, here on the site. I’m hesitant to give a timeline for that, but I think I can get it up and ready by the end of next week. We’re both new to PDF publishing, so it’s tough to gauge how long it’ll take.

In other news, and this is where you come in: We need a real name for Project Arcana. PA was always a working title, but we need something better now that we’re going to start actually pushing and publishing real documents. By Phase II’s publication, we want the name done.

So, make some suggestions, either in the comments here, on Facebook, or through our contact page. We’ll take a few we like, push a poll, and pick a winner.

If your suggestion becomes our new title, we’ll send you some SWEET sweet LP swag (better than just a patch, I swear).

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you guys about this.