Hello LP readers, and welcome to part two! In this second half, I’ll be going over the creation process of my Dragon pantheon. My DM gave me a very specific set of guidelines to follow in this creation, so we’ll also see how I explored those challenges along with carving […]

Father of Dragons: Creating a Pantheon, Part 2

Down the hall from LP Labs is LP Research and Development, where we’re throwing all kinds of ideas against the walls to see what sticks (and believe me, the walls in here have gotten really sticky). The idea behind LP R&D is to be the category for articles that are […]

LP R&D: Why Undead Make the Best Monsters

So, I watched Netflix’s Bright today, and let me say that I was prepared for it to be bad. I saw that some advanced review sites had already taken their jabs at it, and the consensus seemed to be that it was crap. Heck, here’s a slew of sites saying […]

Bright Review: 5 Things You Need to Know

In roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons there is a simple, yet critical, concept that is often overlooked. Your character sheet has all of your stats, equipment, and skills. The dice decide your hits, damage, and saves. The DM provides you monsters and story. However, players actually roleplaying their […]

Effective Roleplaying

Ours is a compassionate and loving species. And ever since the first time one guy hit another guy with a rock, human beings have been engaged in a fun little game: the arms race. Rocks got sharpened, then attached to sticks, then replaced with metal—which our compassionate and loving species […]

The F-Word: The Arms Race

Hello LP readers! Here I’m going to discuss the practical and impractical when it comes to homebrewing your very own pantheon of gods for your own game of D&D. Decisions, Decisions When homebrewing your own campaign, you should establish early on if you want to create your own pantheon of gods […]

101 Damnations: Creating a Pantheon, Part 1

This is going to be a quick informational post about our trip to PAX Unplugged this weekend. We are running our module using the code::2050 rules for as many groups as want to plow through it this weekend.  The table limit is 6 players, but we can run it with […]

PAX Unplugged 2017

Hello Legendary Pants readers! This is Kamriel here with a homebrew rogue archetype that I created with the express purpose of pairing with our homebrew poison system. The idea came to me while we were creating characters for our latest campaign. As character creation is one of my favorite aspects […]

LP Labs: Nightshade Archetype for Rogues

What do you think of when you imagine elves? Do you think that they’re woodland demi-humans, inclined to magic, with high Dex and low Con? Do you think of the fact that they have low-light vision and speak sylvan? Or that they’re resistant to sleep and charm spells? Do you […]

The F-Word: Pointy Eared Humans

So, I posted a pic of my worn and coffee stained character sheet to a Facebook group, and everyone wants in on the sweet sweet sheet that I designed.  No problem, guys! Click below for the character sheet and the optional spells sheet: dnd-5e-hex-char dnd-5e-hex-spells

LP Labs: Future Themed D&D Character Sheets