Project Arcana Master Spell Lists

This page collects the running spell lists for Project Arcana.

Each of the lists is a single school of magic with one column for each form in the school Some spells have notes, denoted by asterisks next to the name. The notes are at the bottom of the school’s table. Some spells show the standard 5e school for that spell, denoted by an asterisk within parenthesis

The last two lists are ‘Homeless’ spells, where we couldn’t settle on a school and have decided to leave it up to the GMs and their players, and ‘Divinus’ spells, which are special because their spell mechanics or effects reflect the spell can only originate from gods. There are spells that are unique to divine casters that are in the other schools of magic.

Interplanar TravelIntraplanar TranvelUnspecified Summons
Arms of HadarArcane GateConjure Animals
Banishment (*Abjuration)Blink (*Transmutation)Conjure Celestial
Creation (*Illusion)Dimension DoorConjure Elemental
DemiplaneGateConjure Fey
Drawmij's Instant SummonsImprisonment** (*Abjuration)Conjure Minor Elemental
Etherealness (*Transmutation)Misty StepConjure Woodland Beings
Hunger of HadarPasswall (*Transmutation)Find Familiar
Leomund's Secret ChestTeleportFind Steed
MazeTeleportation CircleGuardian of Faith
Mordenkainen's Magnificent MansionTransport via PlantsInsect Plague
Plane ShiftTree StrideMordenkainen's Faithful Hound
Rope Trick (*Transmutation)Planar Ally
Sequester (*Transmutation)Spirit Guardians
Word of Recall
Notes: Imprisonment has two effects which might be better placed in other Schools: Chaining - Transmutation, Slumber - Enchantment.
Arcane KnowledgeMind MeldExtended Senses
AuguryBeast SenseArcane Eye
Blade Ward (*Abjuration)Contact Other PlaneClairvoyance
Comprehend LanguagesDetect ThoughtsCommune with Nature
DivinationMessage (*Transmutation)Detect Evil and Good
ForesightRary's Telepathic BondDetect Magic*
GuidanceSending (*Evocation)Detect Poison and Disease
IdentifySense Emotion?Find the Path
Legend LoreTelepathy (*Evocation)Find Traps
Locate CreatureHunter's Mark
Locate ObjectLocate Animals or Plants
Speak With AnimalsProject Image** (*Illusion)
See Invisibility
True Seeing
* We feel that Detect Magic should be an innate ability of all casters, in the same way that a chef can determine ingredients through taste. We plan to revisit this spell in Phase II.

**Project Image combines effects from Illusion and Divination. We judge that the Divination portion is the more critical, so have placed it in this school.
Attitude AdjustmentInternal InterferenceOnerous Assignment
Animal FriendshipBaneAnimal Messenger
Antipathy/SympathyBlindness/Deafness (*Necromancy)Command
Calm EmotionsDissonant WhispersCompelled Duel
Charm PersonEnthrallCompulsion
FriendsEyebite (*Necromancy)Confusion
Glibness (*Transmutation)FeeblemindCrown of Madness
HeroismHold MonsterDominate Beast
Magic Circle (*Abjuration)Hold PersonDominate Monster
Sanctuary (*Abjuration)Modify MemoryDominate Person
Power Word KillGeas
Power Word StunMass Suggestion
SleepOtto's Irresistible Dance
Staggering Smite (*Evocation)Planar Binding (*Abjuration)
Vicious MockerySuggestion
Wrathful Smite (*Evocation)Symbol (*Abjuration)
Tasha's Hideous Laughter
Zone of Truth
Call Lightning (*Conjuration)Arcane Lock (*Abjuration)Armor of Agathys (*Abjuration)
Chain LightningBigby's HandBlinding Smite
Chromatic Orb*Blade BarrierBranding Smite
Dancing LightsControl Water*** (*Transmutation)Burning Hands
DarknessCordon of Arrows (*Transmutation)Cone of Cold
DaylightEarthquakeContinual Flame
Eldritch BlastFeather Fall (*Transmutation)Control Weather (*Transmutation)
Faerie FireFly (*Transmutation)Delayed Blast Fireball
Guiding BoltForcecageElemental Weapon* (*Transmutation)
Lightning BoltLeomund's Tiny HutFire Bolt
MoonbeamLevitate (*Transmutation)Fire Sheild
Prismatic Spray**Mage Armor (*Abjuration)Fire Storm
Prismatic Wall **(*Abjuration)Mage Hand (*Conjuration)Fireball
Protection from Energy* (*Abjuration)Magic MissileFlame Blade
Shocking GraspModekainen's SwordFlame Strike
SunbeamMove Earth (*Transmutation)Flaming Sphere (*Conjuration)
SunburstOtiluke's Resilient SphereFog Cloud (*Conjuration)
Witch BoltPass without Trace (*Abjuration)Gust of Wind
Phantom Steed (*Illusion)Heat Metal (*Transmutation)
ShatterHellish Rebuke
Shield (*Abjuration)Ice Storm
Silence (*Illusion)Incendiary Cloud (*Transmutation)
Telekinesis (*Transmutation)Light
Tenser's Floating Disk (*Conjuration)Meteor Swarm
Thunderous SmiteOtiluke's Freezing Sphere
ThunderwaveProduce Flame (*Conjuration)
Unseen Servant (*Conjuration)Ray of Frost
Wall of ForceScorching Ray
Searing Smite
Sleet Storm (*Conjuration)
Storm of Vengence* (*Conjuration)
Wall of Fire
Wall of Ice
Wind Wall
* GM's option, of course, but we don't recommend allowing the 'acid' option on this spell. (Because it's ridiculous.)

** The two 'prismatic' spells are a mess, each having 4 Evocation, 2 Transmutation, 1 Enchantment, and 1 Conjuration effects. We're going to put it here, but GMs may have other equally valid ideas.

*** Control Water has one effect in which water level is raised by 20 feet. This doesn't perfectly fit with Evocation, but it's a nonsensical effect anyway.
Blind SpotMind InjectionSense Manipulation
BlurAlarm (*Abjuration)Disguise Self
Color SprayDreamHallucinatory Terrain
Greater InvisibilityFearIllusory Script
Hypnotic PatternPhantasmal KillerMagic Mouth
InvisibilityWeirdMajor Image
MisleadMinor Illusion
Mirror Image
Phantasmal Force
Programmed Illusion
Silent Image
Antimagic FieldContingency (Evocation)
CounterspellDruidcraft ** (*Transmutation)
Dispel MagicGlyph of Warding
ForbiddanceMagic Weapon (*Transmutation)
Globe of InvulnerabilityPrestidigitation ** (*Transmutation)
Mind BlankShillelagh (*Transmutation)
Mordekainen's Private SanctumThaumaturgy ** (*Transmutation)
NondetectionWish (*Conjuration)
Nystul's Magic Aura (*Illusion)
Remove Curse
Circle of Power
** Druidcraft, Prestidigitation, and Thaumaturgy are included in Neutrum as 'training spells' with minor effects from many schools that any caster can learn.
Animate ObjectsAlter SelfAcid Splash (*Conjuration)
AwakenAnimal ShapesCloud of Daggers (*Conjuration)
BarkskinFabricateCloudkill (*Conjuration)
DarkvisionPolymorphConjure Barrage (*Conjuration)
Enhance AbilityShapechangeConjure Volley (*Conjuration)
Enlarge/ReduceStone ShapeCreate Food and Water (*Conjuration)
Expeditious RetreatTrue PolymorphCreate or Destroy Water
Freedom of Movement (*Abjuration)Disintegrate
Giant InsectEnsnaring Strike (*Conjuration)
HasteEntangle (*Conjuration)
JumpEvard's Black Tentacles (*Conjuration)
LongstriderFlesh to Stone
Plant GrowthGaseous Form
Ray of EnfeeblementGoodberry
ResistanceGrasping Vine (*Conjuration)
SlowGrease (*Conjuration)
Speak with PlantsHail of Thorns (*Conjuration)
Spider ClimbHeroes' Feast (*Conjuration)
Stoneskin (*Abjuration)Lightning Arrow
Time StopMeld into Stone
Water BreathingMelf's Acid Arrow (*Evocation)
Water WalkMending
Poison Spray (*Conjuration)
Protection from Poison (*Abjuration)
Purify Food and Drink
Ray of Sickness (*Necromancy)
Spike Growth
Stinking Cloud (*Conjuration)
Swift Quiver
Thorn Whip
Tsunami (*Conjuration)
Wall of Stone (*Evocation)
Wall of Thorns (*Conjuration)
Web (*Conjuration)
Wind Walk
Animate DeadAstral ProjectionAid (*Abjuration)
Chill TouchBestow CurseAntilife Shell (*Abjuration)
Create UndeadCloneAura of Life (*Abjuration)
Death Ward (*Abjuration)Hex (*Enchantment)Aura of Vitality (*Evocation)
Feign DeathMagic JarBlight
Finger of DeathWarding Bond (*Abjuration)Circle of death
Gentle ReposeContagion
Raise DeadCure Wounds (*Evocation)
ReincarnateFalse Life
ResurrectionGreater Restoration (*Abjuration)
Simulacrum* (*Illusion)Heal (*Evocation)
Spare the DyingHealing Word (*Evocation)
Speak with DeadInflict Wounds
True ResurrectionLesser Restoration (*Evocation)
Mass Cure Wounds (*Evocation)
Mass Heal (*Evocation)
Mass Healing Word (*Evocation)
Power Word: Heal (*Evocation)
Regenerate (*Transmutation)
Vampiric Touch
SpellOrigin SchoolBest Guess
Guards and WardsAbjuration?
Mirage ArcaneIllusionConjuration or Transmutation
Reverse GravityTransmutationEvocation
Aura of Purity (*Abjuration, Paladin)
Banishing Smite (*Abjuration, Paladin)
Beacon of Hope (*Abjuration, Cleric)
Bless (*Enchantment, Paladin/Cleric)
Commune (*Divination, Cleric)
Crusader's Mantle (*Evocation, Paladin)
Destructive Wave (*Evocation, Paladin)
Dispel Evil and Good (*Abjuration, Cleric)
Divine Favor (*Evocation, Paladin)
Divine Word (*Evocation, Cleric)
Hallow (*Evocation, Cleric)
Holy Aura (*Abjuration, Cleric)
Prayer of Healing (*Evocation, Cleric)
Protection from Evil and Good (*Abjuration, Cleric/Paladin)
Sacred Flame (*Evocation, Cleric)
Shield of Faith (*Abjuration, Paladin)
Spiritual Weapon (*Evocation, Cleric)