Project Arcana Master Spell Lists

This page collects the running spell lists for Project Arcana. As we update these lists, we’ll add the pertinent articles and updates below.

Interplanar TravelIntraplanar TranvelUnspecified Summons
Arms of HadarArcane GateConjure Animals
Banishment (*Abjuration)Blink (*Transmutation)Conjure Celestial
Creation (*Illusion)Dimension DoorConjure Elemental
DemiplaneImprisonment** (*Abjuration)Conjure Fey
Drawmij's Instant SummonsGateConjure Minor Elemental
Etherealness (*Transmutation)Misty StepConjure Woodland Beings
Hunger of HadarPasswall (*Transmutation)Find Familiar
Leomund's Secret ChestTeleportFind Steed
MazeTeleportation CircleGuardian of Faith
Mordenkainen's Magnificent MansionTransport via PlantsInsect Plague
Plane ShiftTree StrideMordenkainen's Faithful Hound
Rope Trick (*Transmutation)Planar Ally
Sequester (*Transmutation)Spirit Guardians
Word of Recall
Notes: Imprisonment has two effects which might be better placed in other Schools: Chaining - Transmutation, Slumber - Enchantment.
Arcane KnowledgeMind MeldExtended Senses
AuguryBeast SenseArcane Eye
Blade Ward (*Abjuration)Contact Other PlaneClairvoyance
Comprehend LanguagesDetect ThoughtsCommune with Nature
DivinationMessage (*Transmutation)Detect Evil and Good
ForesightRary's Telepathic BondDetect Magic*
GuidanceSending (*Evocation)Detect Poison and Disease
IdentifySense Emotion?Find the Path
Legend LoreTelepathy (*Evocation)Find Traps
Locate CreatureHunter's Mark
Locate ObjectLocate Animals or Plants
Speak With AnimalsProject Image** (*Illusion)
See Invisibility
True Seeing
* We feel that Detect Magic should be an innate ability of all casters, in the same way that a chef can determine ingredients through taste. We plan to revisit this spell in Phase II.

**Project Image combines effects from Illusion and Divination. We judge that the Divination portion is the more critical, so have placed it in this school.
Attitude AdjustmentInternal InterferenceOnerous Assignment
Magic Circle (Abjuration)Vicious MockerySymbol (Abjuration)
Sanctuary (Abjuration)BaneCommand
FriendsSleepCrown of Madness
Animal FriendshipDissonant WhispersCompelled Duel
Charm PersonHold PersonTasha's Hideous Laughter
HeroismHold MonsterAnimal Messenger
Calm EmotionsModify MemoryEnthrall
Antipathy/SympathyFeeblemindSuggestion (Evocation)
Power Word StunZone of Truth
Power Word KillCompulsion
EyebiteDominate Beast
Staggering Smite (Evocation)Dominate Person
Wrathful Smite (Evocation)Geas
Mass Suggestion
Otto's Irresistible Dance
Dominate Monster
Call Lightning (Conjuration)Arcane Lock (Abjuration)Armor of Agathys (Abjuration)
Chain LightningBigby's HandBlinding Smite
Chromatic OrbBlade BarrierBranding Smite
Dancing LightsControl Water (Transmutation)Cone of Cold
DarknessCordon of Arrows (Transmutation)Continual Flame
DaylightForcecageControl Weather (Transmutation)
Eldritch BlastLeomund's Tiny HutDelayed Blast Fireball
Faerie FireLevitate (Transmutation)Elemental Weapon (Transmutation)
Guiding BoltMage Armor (Abjuration)Fire Bolt
Lightning BoltMage Hand (Conjuration)Fire Sheild
MoonbeamMagic MissileFire Storm
Prismatic SprayModekainen's SwordFireball
Prismatic Wall (Abjuration)Otiluke's Resilient SphereFlame Blade
Protection from Energy (Abjuration)Pass without Trace (Abjuration)Flame Strike
Shocking GraspPhantom Steed (*Illusion)Flaming Sphere (Conjuration)
SunbeamSeismic DisturbanceFog Cloud (Conjuration)
SunburstShatterGust of Wind
Witch BoltShield (Abjuration)Hellish Rebuke
Silence (Illusion)Ice Storm
Telekinesis (Transmutation)Light
Tenser's Floating Disk (Conjuration)Meteor Swarm
Thunderous SmiteOtiluke's Freezing Sphere
ThunderwaveProduce Flame (Conjuration)
Unseen Servant (Conjuration)Ray of Frost
Wall of ForceScorching Ray
Searing Smite
Sleet Storm (Conjuration)
Storm of Vengence (Conjuration)
Wall of Fire
Wall of Ice
Wind Wall
Heat Metal (Transmutation)
Blind SpotMind InjectionSense Manipulation
Color SprayAlarmMagic Mouth
BlurFearDisguise Self
InvisibilityPhantasmal KillerIllusory Script
Hypnotic PatternDreamSilent Image
Greater InvisibilityWeirdMirror Image
MisleadMajor Image
Hallucinatory Terrain
Programmed Illusion
Antimagic FieldContingency (Evocation)
CounterspellDruidcraft ** (*Transmutation)
Dispel MagicGlyph of Warding
ForbiddanceGuards and Wards ***
Globe of InvulnerabilityMagic Weapon (*Transmutation)
Mind BlankPlanar Binding(?)
Mordekainen's Private SanctumPrestidigitation ** (*Transmutation)
NondetectionShillelagh (*Transmutation)
Nystul's Magic Aura (*Illusion)Thaumaturgy ** (*Transmutation)
Remove CurseWarding Bond (?)
Circle of PowerWish (*Conjuration)
** Druidcraft, Prestidigitation, and Thaumaturgy are included in Neutrum as 'training spells' with minor effects from many schools that any caster can learn.

*** Guards and Wards is a problematic spell, because while it is powered by Neutrum connective magic, the myriad spell effects are borrowed from five other Schools. This spell is scheduled for a rewrite in Phase II.
Animate ObjectsAlter SelfAcid Splash
AwakenAnimal ShapesAura of Purity
BarkskinFabricateCloud of Daggers
Enhance AbilityShapechangeConjure Barrage
Enlarge/ReduceStone ShapeConjure Volley
Expeditious RetreatTrue PolymorphCreate Food and Water
Feather FallCreate or Destroy Water
Freedom of MovementDisintegrate
Giant InsectEnsnaring Strike
GoodberryEvard's Black Tentacles
HasteFlesh to Stone
JumpGaseous Form
LongstriderGrasping Vine
Plant GrowthGrease
Ray of EnfeeblementHail of Thorns
ResistanceHeroes' Feast
SlowIncendiary Cloud
Speak with PlantsLightning Arrow
Spider ClimbMeld into Stone
StoneskinMelf's Acid Arrow (Evocation)
Time StopMending
Water BreathingPoison Spray
Water WalkProtection from Poison
Purify Food and Drink
Ray of Sickness
Spike Growth
Stinking Cloud
Swift Quiver
Thorn Whip
Wall of Stone (Evocation)
Wall of Thorns
Wind Walk
Animate DeadAstral ProjectionAid
Chill TouchBestow CurseAntilife Shell
Create UndeadHexAura of Life
Death WardCloneAura of Vitality
Feign DeathMagic JarBlight
Finger of DeathBeacon of Hope
Gentle ReposeCircle of death
Raise DeadContagion
ReincarnateCure Wounds
ResurrectionFalse Life
RevivifyGreater Restoration
Spare the DyingHeal
Speak with DeadHealing Word
True ResurrectionInflict Wounds
Lesser Restoration
Mass Cure Wounds
Mass Heal
Mass Healing Word
Power Word: Heal
Prayer of Healing
Vampiric Touch
SpellOrigin SchoolBest Guess
Mirage ArcaneIllusionConjuration or Transmutation
Prismatic WallAbjuration?
Chromatic OrbEvocation?
Prismatic SprayEvocation?
Banishing Smite (Abjuration)
Dispel Evil and Good (Abjuratioin)
Protection from Evil and Good (Abjuration)
Shield of Faith
Bless (Enchantment)
Crusader's Mantle (Evocation)
Destructive Wave (Evocation)
Divine Favor (Evocation)
Divine Word (Evocation)
Hallow (Evocation)
Commune (Divination)

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