PAX Unplugged 2017

This is going to be a quick informational post about our trip to PAX Unplugged this weekend.

We are running our module using the code::2050 rules for as many groups as want to plow through it this weekend.  The table limit is 6 players, but we can run it with as few as 4, and have enough DMs to run three tables at once Friday and Saturday, and two on Sunday.  We’ll be there from doors-open to as late as there are players ready to roll.  Breaks?  Those are for the weak!

Here’s where we’ll be:

The code::2050 rules can be found HERE, but you DO NOT need them to play with us!  We’ll have quick reference guides for everything new in this module.

We also have pre-built characters and our own dice.  All you need to bring is your warm body.  Oh, and bring some friends, too.  That’d be sweet!

We have some small SWAG to give out to people who play with us, and if the tables are all full, feel free to hang out and watch.  Myself, Shawn, and Kiokri will all be there, so come chat with us.

If anything changes, we’ll throw a post on Twitter about it.  Make sure to follow us there to keep up!

If you have any trouble finding us, drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll try to get back to you ASAP.

We’re looking forward to playing with you guys, so we’ll see you there!