So, two Sundays ago, I sat down and DMed the first session of our Tomb of Annihilation campaign. Succinctly, it went very well. Less succinctly, there were some relatively minor audio-visual quirks we need to work out, but the game itself went very smoothly and everyone seemed to have a […]

Tomb of Annihilation

Who doesn’t love a rollicking hack-em-up adventure, where the good guys go in and beat the bad guys to a bloody pulp, steal the loot, and save the day? That’s the stuff fantasy stories are built on—deeds of derring-do, swords and magic. Who doesn’t delight about daughty heroes who weild […]

The F-Word: Language in Your World

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, another season has passed. Gen Con 50—The Mother Of All Gaming Cons—is now behind us. Sixty THOUSAND gamers bought badges to the event, and Gen Con registered over 200,000 entries into the convention center over the course of the event (a new record). And I was […]

Gen Con 50

Money. Pink Floyd said to keep your hands off of their stash. Monty Python said it makes the world go round. No matter who you ask, money talks. And, just like in the real world, money in your fantasy campaign should have an impact. Whether you’re a first level fighter […]

The F-Word: Show Me the Money

Yes, we’ve done it! We started a Patreon! A Patreon? Yes, a Patreon! One of the founding principles of Legendary Pants is that we are ad-free. Initially, this was a reaction by Kiokri and I to the smothering number of ads we see all over the internet. However, these days, […]

So, We’ve Got a Patreon

So, D&D Beyond launched a few days ago, and I’ve had enough time to really dig in and get to know it. I’ve had a mixed set of feelings since the announcement of DnDBeyond several months ago. It was a several stage process: Excitement An official WotC online program to manage […]

DnD Beyond Review

One of the initial drivers of Project Arcana – other than the frothing rage caused by Mirage Arcane – was the desire to be able to do more with the magic system. As we finished up Phase 1, we realized that in a lot of ways, casting magic is like martial […]

Project Arcana: Applied Magic – Adding the New Schools to ...

So, one of the last big things we need to crank out for the code::2050 SRD is the economy. Yeah, it’s a biggie, and I’ve been putting it off for a while. However, once I finally sat down to do it, I realized that it was pretty easy for one […]

code::2050: Economy

A funny kind of thing happened a little less than a decade ago: the word “drone” gained two ultraspecific meanings. First, there’s the military kind with the missiles and beluga whale head. Second, it’s the little quadcopter with the selfie stick on it. That’s pretty much it. However, prior to […]

code::2050: Drones, Drones, Drones

We’ve all been there. Stalking down a corridor, weapons in hand, ready to do battle with the Forces of Evil. The corridor opens before us into a great chamber, stone pillars rising up to the vaulted ceiling above, the musty smell of ancient midden heaps assaulting your nostrils. Piles of […]

The F-Word: Monsters Made Monstrous