Yeah, it happened, my group converted to 5th Edition┬áDungeons and Dragons. Here’s the upshot: it’s pretty damn amazing. That’s not to say we were disappointed with OSRIC. Though our updates to this site waned about halfway through, that campaign went on for the longest stretch of levels of any of […]

Goodbye OSRIC, Hello 5th Edition!

Having mentioned that I enjoy character creation previously, I thought I would take a moment to elaborate on character creation. In particular, how to get the most out of your character. Now to qualify this vague statement, it probably isn’t what you think it means. To me, you get the […]

D&D: On Character Creation

The walk back to Troubeck passed peacefully. Entering through the eastern gate felt less wistful than the last time. I had grown attached to the druid’s grove while I spent time there. I found myself turning the leaf-shaped pendant Gregorius had given me over with my fingers. It was good […]

Enter the Druid: Greenstead

It only took us two days to make our way back to the druid’s grove. The area was much more sparsely inhabited than it was during the festival. We walked by the few permanent structures the grove maintained and were intercepted by a pair of druids. “Brother,” one of them […]

Enter the Druid: A Little Problem

We left the cover of the forest after the river of goblins chasing Barry disappeared from sight. The village was strangely quiet after it emptied. Even the forest around the huts was completely silent. What life there was had retreated from the vicious goblins once they claimed this land as […]

Enter the Druid: Payback

“Wake up!” urged Barry in a hushed voice. A small boot dug into my shoulder when I didn’t respond fast enough. “There are torches coming our way. I can hear voices.” Kaius shook Lluc and Greg awake. Max stretched his front paws out in front of him, arching his back. […]

Enter the Druid: I Hate Little Girls