Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, another season has passed. Gen Con 50—The Mother Of All Gaming Cons—is now behind us. Sixty THOUSAND gamers bought badges to the event, and Gen Con registered over 200,000 entries into the convention center over the course of the event (a new record). And I was […]

Gen Con 50

So, D&D Beyond launched a few days ago, and I’ve had enough time to really dig in and get to know it. I’ve had a mixed set of feelings since the announcement of DnDBeyond several months ago. It was a several stage process: Excitement An official WotC online program to manage […]

DnD Beyond Review

Author’s Preface: This post is going to be image heavy, so it might be best viewed on a tablet or PC. So, as I said in that brief post from last weekend, my family and I went to Wizard World in Philadelphia a couple Saturdays ago. The TL;DR version is that […]

Weekly Dump: Wizard World Philly 2017

Happy Monday (ugh, Tuesday), everyone! This week, I’ll be finishing up my review of A Touch of Class. Part 1 was last week, so make sure you check that out first. Feywalker The Feywalker is, ostensibly, a fairy-powered fighter. It’s the class for those that want to be Tom Bombadil, though […]

Weekly Dump: ‘A Touch of Class’ Review, Part 2

Welcome to Monday, the day when we turn notionally turn couch change into beer money! This week I’m going to give a brief review of A Touch of Class, which is a new 5e supplement pushed out by EN World over Kickstarter. I want to preface what I’m about to say with […]

Weekly Dump: ‘A Touch of Class’ Review, Part 1

If you’ve been following along with our Project Arcana work so far, you know that I’m not super happy with the way the powers-that-be have decided to sort the spells. That’s okay, we’re fixing that. However, while some of the organizational decisions are somewhat baffling, none are more so than […]

Weekly Dump, Vol 3: 5e Healing Is Borked…