LP News

This is going to be a quick informational post about our trip to PAX Unplugged this weekend. We are running our module using the code::2050 rules for as many groups as want to plow through it this weekend.  The table limit is 6 players, but we can run it with […]

PAX Unplugged 2017

Yes, we’ve done it! We started a Patreon! A Patreon? Yes, a Patreon! One of the founding principles of Legendary Pants is that we are ad-free. Initially, this was a reaction by Kiokri and I to the smothering number of ads we see all over the internet. However, these days, […]

So, We’ve Got a Patreon

Well, I finally got the LP.net site in such a state that I’m ready to actually create some content. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re a long way from done with the tweaks and adjustments, but the site is no longer embarrassingly barren. We’ve got an about page now! Let me […]

Standby for action!