Ours is a compassionate and loving species. And ever since the first time one guy hit another guy with a rock, human beings have been engaged in a fun little game: the arms race. Rocks got sharpened, then attached to sticks, then replaced with metal—which our compassionate and loving species […]

The F-Word: The Arms Race

What do you think of when you imagine elves? Do you think that they’re woodland demi-humans, inclined to magic, with high Dex and low Con? Do you think of the fact that they have low-light vision and speak sylvan? Or that they’re resistant to sleep and charm spells? Do you […]

The F-Word: Pointy Eared Humans

Who doesn’t love a rollicking hack-em-up adventure, where the good guys go in and beat the bad guys to a bloody pulp, steal the loot, and save the day? That’s the stuff fantasy stories are built on—deeds of derring-do, swords and magic. Who doesn’t delight about daughty heroes who weild […]

The F-Word: Language in Your World

Money. Pink Floyd said to keep your hands off of their stash. Monty Python said it makes the world go round. No matter who you ask, money talks. And, just like in the real world, money in your fantasy campaign should have an impact. Whether you’re a first level fighter […]

The F-Word: Show Me the Money

We’ve all been there. Stalking down a corridor, weapons in hand, ready to do battle with the Forces of Evil. The corridor opens before us into a great chamber, stone pillars rising up to the vaulted ceiling above, the musty smell of ancient midden heaps assaulting your nostrils. Piles of […]

The F-Word: Monsters Made Monstrous

Magic. Ah, good old magic. What’s a Swords and Sorcery campaign without it? Whether it’s an enchanted sword, a mystical talisman, or a simple fireball spell, magic is the difference between an empire being destroyed by Sauron or the bubonic plague. But what role should magic play in your world? […]

The F-Word: The Problem of Magic