Project 2050

So far, we’ve had a couple articles explaining the thought chain we’re pursing when it comes to digital systems and computers for 2050. In this article, I’m going to outline some actual game rules and associated numbers for these. I’ll also try to explain any pertinent lines of thinking regarding […]

Project 2050: Digital Rules

One of the key questions or decisions that Project 2050 has to make is what we’re going to do – or recommend – about the Net. How does it look? How does the interface work? What happens there? Our first clues lie in our inspirational materials. In Neuromancer, Gibson describes […]

Project 2050: Visualizing The Net

So, we’ve talked before about what we hope to accomplish with 2050, but one thing that we keep going back and forth on is the setting itself. After the OGL rules are released, we are going to crunch hard on the core rulebook, which will include a campaign setting. Dad and […]

Weekly Dump: 2050 Setting

So, of course, no modern or near future setting would be complete without a sweet ride. So, vehicles! The way 5e handles vehicles is pretty simple: it doesn’t. Okay, yeah, there is a tool proficiency called “Vehicles(land)” associated with a background or two (the Folk Hero comes to mind). However, […]

Project 2050: Vehicles

Computers and other types of digital technology are going to be a key feature of Project 2050. We’re going to try to project forward in a reasonable way while maintaining viability, recognition, and playability. Enough people have read Gibson’s ‘Sprawl’ books, Cline’s ‘Ready Player One’, and have seen ‘Bladerunner’, ‘Johnny Mnemonic’, […]

Project 2050: Computers

So, it’s the future, and things are pretty sweet! We have here our future bedroll tucked under our future backpack. Inside we have our future trail rations stored neatly beside our future waterskin and future flint and steel. Oh yeah, look at all that future-ey-ness! Woo! Oh, wait, all that […]

Project 2050: Armor

In the first installment of Project 2050’s take on modern weapons, I talked about how guns are not going to be a complete game-changer in Project 2050. We’ve made a deliberate decision to model guns on the existing and suitable bows and crossbows mechanic. Obviously, there are differences, but from a […]

Project 2050: The Range and Accuracy of Guns

I’m not going to claim to be an expert on guns. I’ve fired my share and had some fired at me, but I never had to use them on anyone, and I’ve only seen their effects on people a couple times. But since 2050 is set in a near-future scenario […]

Project 2050: Guns Are Not Death-Spraying Murder Machines

It feels good having finished the first big step of Project Arcana’s Phase I, which was a series of articles breaking down the schools of magic. We’re hard at work on the second half of Phase I, which will, hopefully, only take a couple weeks. In the meantime, we’re pleased […]

Project 2050