Hello LP readers, and welcome to part two! In this second half, I’ll be going over the creation process of my Dragon pantheon. My DM gave me a very specific set of guidelines to follow in this creation, so we’ll also see how I explored those challenges along with carving […]

Father of Dragons: Creating a Pantheon, Part 2

Hello LP readers! Here I’m going to discuss the practical and impractical when it comes to homebrewing your very own pantheon of gods for your own game of D&D. Decisions, Decisions When homebrewing your own campaign, you should establish early on if you want to create your own pantheon of gods […]

101 Damnations: Creating a Pantheon, Part 1

Author’s Preface: This post is going to be image heavy, so it might be best viewed on a tablet or PC. So, as I said in that brief post from last weekend, my family and I went to Wizard World in Philadelphia a couple Saturdays ago. The TL;DR version is that […]

Weekly Dump: Wizard World Philly 2017

Matthew : Necro ended up pretty short. Can you give it a once over, please? Shawn : Need better form names. Hmm… Not ‘better’, so much as the same language part. Anyway, we’ve got ‘Soul’, ‘Lifeforce’, and ‘Necromancy’. Necromancy is a given, so the other forms need to have ‘-mancy’ […]

Project Arcana Weekly Dump: Chat Dump, Vol. 3

We expect that Project Arcana will take several weeks, with two posts per week; Wednesday and Saturday. On Mondays, we’re going to dump out the more interesting and relevant pieces of our chat log from the previous week. Clearly this is a work in progress and under due consideration. What are, […]

Project Arcana: Weekly Chat Dump, Vol. 1

Well, it isn’t gaming, but why not…Anime! While I haven’t been around long enough to witness the first creations when they came out, since I found anime and understood it to be different than American cartoons in the mid 1990’s, I have loved it. Disclaimer, I do not name myself […]

Anime: Common Language