What exactly are Legendary Pants and where can I get some?

Legendary Pants is the brainchild of several people, but Kiokri can probably take credit as the chief creator. LP is an online presence devoted to the enjoyment of all things awesome and wonderful in this world of ours. Of course, many of the world’s most awesome and wonderful things are well beyond our geographic and financial limits, so we’ve narrowed the list down to the essentials: games, games, and games. Well, okay, we’ll probably branch out quite a bit from those, but they comprise the spine of Legendary Pants.

Now, we don’t want anyone to be startled at the novelty of an online site devoted to gaming. We know full well that we’re in deep, uncharted territory full of mystery and opportunity. However, we will try to keep our heads small enough to fit on camera as we pioneer this brave new world.

Also, we have a Twitch stream now: https://twitch.tv/legendary_pants

What is the site, exactly?

Legendary Pants is primarily a blog, but it is also much more. It is a wide, rich community full of internet denizens who collectively create and consume vibrant digital content about gaming and gaming culture. Well, okay, it’s not, at least, not yet. Someday, perhaps, if all of the good fortune in existence finds its way to this site, we can make good on that description. Until then, however, Legendary Pants is a blog which will, hopefully, give at least one person a few minutes of entertainment.

Okay, but who the hell are you?

Well, that’s a fair question. Let us break it down for you:

Kiokri aka Rob

Kiokri is the head honcho for Legendary Pants. Anything he says, goes, assuming someone can’t convince him otherwise. He has been living on the internet for over 15 years dabbling in every game he could lay hands on while amazingly only finishing two or three. Yes, Kiokri is the digital world’s consummate sampler. Don’t be fooled, though, as he is quite good at almost every game he has ever played.

Kiokri streams at https://twitch.tv/kiokri

Matthew Stanford aka Stanford

Stanford is the web admin and content manager for Legendary Pants. Really, he wears whichever hat needs worn around here. He has been living on the internet for nearly 20 years, having started on the chat rooms of AOL. Yes, the Nickelodeon Blabatorium was Stanford’s old stomping grounds. Stanford, too, has dabbled over the years, though his primary focus has nearly always been strategy and simulator games.

Fun fact: Stanford and Kiokri are old college buddies who are married to sisters. Really, it’s all Stanford’s fault…

Shawn Stanford aka Chief

Shawn is Matthew’s dad and one of our chief developers. He has been living on the internet since…well, since it started. He started programming in the Marine Corps in the early 80s and hasn’t looked back. Though his Army rank is WO2, he will always be the Brat Prince of COBOL. Shawn’s primary game cred as relates to LP is entirely too many decades of D&D.

Wait, D&D? Is that a thing for you guys, now?

Yes! So, not too long ago, Matthew and Shawn started devoting nearly all of their free time to noodling with the rules of D&D 5e. The nice thing about this is that you get to touch it! Er, what I mean is, you can play with our noodles! No, that doesn’t sound right either. We make rules, and modules, and you can run them. We have free and post-free content available in our SHOP for you to grab and go nuts with right away!

We play D&D on our twitch stream every Monday as well as intermittently throughout the week.

So, that’s it?

Well, so far, yes. In all likelihood, this site will sputter and die within two years, and that’s being optimistic. (Note: We’re still here!) However, we’re going to give it our all in that time and hope for the best.

Stay tuned for awesome!