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A funny kind of thing happened a little less than a decade ago: the word “drone” gained two ultraspecific meanings. First, there’s the military kind with the missiles and beluga whale head. Second, it’s the little quadcopter with the selfie stick on it. That’s pretty much it. However, prior to […]

code::2050: Drones, Drones, Drones

We’ve all been there. Stalking down a corridor, weapons in hand, ready to do battle with the Forces of Evil. The corridor opens before us into a great chamber, stone pillars rising up to the vaulted ceiling above, the musty smell of ancient midden heaps assaulting your nostrils. Piles of […]

The F-Word: Monsters Made Monstrous

So, Friday night was the first official test of code::2050 as a 5e extension.¬†From my perspective, the key points in this session were our first test of the hacking and firearms rules. What Happens in Prague… Just to lay out the scenario with a quick sketch: Our team, consisting of […]

code::2050 Playtest Alpha AAR: Ivan’s Bane

So, it’s time to talk about how to actually conduct a hack in code::2050. We fought long and hard about this. Anyone who’s been following along this far knows that Matthew’s take was, “Here’s a computer, go!”, where mine was, “You see a network, roll to connect. You’re in the […]

code::2050 – The Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Hacking

What would a near future ruleset be without a hacker character? Atypical, we say! So, here are the rules for the “Hacker,” which is an archetype of Rogue: Archetype: Hacker The dwarf swore using the name of an ancient god of his people. He’d been detected, and he had a […]

Project 2050: The Hacker

Magic. Ah, good old magic. What’s a Swords and Sorcery campaign without it? Whether it’s an enchanted sword, a mystical talisman, or a simple fireball spell, magic is the difference between an empire being destroyed by Sauron or the bubonic plague. But what role should magic play in your world? […]

The F-Word: The Problem of Magic

In the future, we’ll all have super cool robot human bodies. With laser eyes and chainsaw hands. Bzzz! Bzzz! Okay, we may be a ways off from that yet, but hopefully not too far (roughly 33-ish years). Cybernetic implants are a staple of the Cyberpunk genre, and a big part […]

Project 2050: Cybernetics