Monthly Archives: September 2015

The walk back to Troubeck passed peacefully. Entering through the eastern gate felt less wistful than the last time. I had grown attached to the druid’s grove while I spent time there. I found myself turning the leaf-shaped pendant Gregorius had given me over with my fingers. It was good […]

Enter the Druid: Greenstead

Well, it isn’t gaming, but why not…Anime! While I haven’t been around long enough to witness the first creations when they came out, since I found anime and understood it to be different than American cartoons in the mid 1990’s, I have loved it. Disclaimer, I do not name myself […]

Anime: Common Language

It only took us two days to make our way back to the druid’s grove. The area was much more sparsely inhabited than it was during the festival. We walked by the few permanent structures the grove maintained and were intercepted by a pair of druids. “Brother,” one of them […]

Enter the Druid: A Little Problem