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We left the cover of the forest after the river of goblins chasing Barry disappeared from sight. The village was strangely quiet after it emptied. Even the forest around the huts was completely silent. What life there was had retreated from the vicious goblins once they claimed this land as […]

Enter the Druid: Payback

Editor’s note: This post contains a pretty hefty spoiler for Enter the Druid. We purposefully have ETD running several weeks behind the actual gaming group’s adventure, so the contents of this Verb-age will reveal a pretty big plot point for a future ETD. If you’re on the edge of your […]

The Word of Greg

“Wake up!” urged Barry in a hushed voice. A small boot dug into my shoulder when I didn’t respond fast enough. “There are torches coming our way. I can hear voices.” Kaius shook Lluc and Greg awake. Max stretched his front paws out in front of him, arching his back. […]

Enter the Druid: I Hate Little Girls