Monthly Archives: June 2015

The hallway spilled out into a large antechamber. Greg’s torch made shadows dance across the rough stone walls. They teased my eyes and made me see things moving just out of the range of our light that weren’t really there. There were doors leading from the left and right side of […]

Enter the Druid: Catacombs

I woke up in bed, sharing a room with a half-dozen other injured people. The priests charged with my care worshiped a god named Sundara, whom I’d never heard of before. Kaius was there when I woke up and told me that some of the red-robed priests came across them after […]

Enter the Druid: Troubeck

Introductions Hi guys! I’m Rob, but you’ll more than likely see me referred to as Kiokri around these parts. I’ve been gaming since I was five, when my father introduced me to Super Mario Bros. on the NES. My favorite genres tend to be strategy and RPG, but I’ve got a soft […]

Enter the Druid: First Light